Information the Way You Need It

We want to address the fact that you may have a system that does an effective job at capturing information, but there may be a component that you don’t even realize you’re missing. It’s called the “why” factor.Information

In the enterprise space, ERP packages like SAP and Oracle take over the function of recording the sales order, supporting processes needed for delivery, invoicing and accounting. However, they may be missing components that clue companies into the “why”, relating to missing commitments or lack of performance that shows up in a KPI (key performance indicator).

3coast  has addressed this void for clients by developing software analysis tools and applications that tie into ERP systems. In one case, it involved a job shop manufacturing facility that used 3coast’s app to utilize the information coming out of the ERP to grade the prior day’s job performance. In another case, it was to develop an analysis tool to determine why commitments were being missed and shipments weren’t meeting their schedule. you can find more information on this case by reading the blog “Mary Had a Custom App, Custom App, Custom App!“. Regardless of what app or ERP you’re using to support your core business operations, if you’re not measuring it, you could be missing out on a major “what” – MONEY!

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