Knowing Where It’s At: Inventory Tracking

Is this how you track your inventory?Inventory Tracking THERE IS A BETTER WAY! Give Fido a break and spend a little time investigating the benefits you’d receive from improving your inventory accuracy.

If you need to track inventory, whether stored in multiple locations or as it moves through your manufacturing process, immediate knowledge of the location of each unique piece reduces your costs. Not knowing where your inventory is detracts measurably from your bottom line by contributing to increased labor expenses because of inefficiencies in locating items and/or the need to overstock items to account for this or for manufacturing delays.

The good news is, your problem has most probably been seen before…and therefore there’s a known solution. The challenge is in bringing that solution to you in a manner that works with your existing ERP or operational systems. For that, the most expedient approach may be to engage a partner who can not only “see” your problem and its solution but also knows how to tie that solution into your existing applications.


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