Earth Day Special: How IT Can Go Green

Companies continually seek new ways to go green with efficiencies, recycling and building improvements. How can IT help make business more eco-friendly? For companies with applications running on multiple servers, virtualization is a great way to maximize computing resources, reduce power consumption and eliminate server room expansion.

Virtualizing your server environment allows you to consolidate multiple server instances onto one piece of hardware, allowing for better utilization of computing resources and reduced energy for cooling and power.Hands on a globe

In a business climate where IT is forced to do more with less, virtualization reduces maintenance and administration of hardware while increasing flexibility in continuity and disaster recovery. A virtualized server environment allows IT to work on issues without interrupting key operations. With more and more telecommuters and employees working on weekends, IT has less time to fix issues without affecting productivity.

After consolidating resources, donate or resell hardware to learning and training facilities in your area.

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