How Small and Medium Businesses can Maximize IT Resources

Virtualization of servers is quickly becoming a mainstream technology for large enterprises. By leveraging virtualization technologies enterprises are realizing:

 Better utilization of computing resources
 Reduced power consumption
 Enhanced options for disaster recovery
 Less need for server room expansion

Virtualization and Disaster RecoveryLOGO1
Virtualization for the small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) supports the need for IT to optimize server environments, without the need for additional or extensive hardware investments. It also provides a new approach to disaster recovery and improved back-up capability.

Many SMBs realize the need for enterprise-level recovery procedures to be properly prepared for natural disasters, network outages and other disruptive events, not to mention regulatory compliance. Many SMBs lack the financial resources or personnel to implement a complex disaster recovery solution or business continuity plan.

Through virtualization, IT managers can restore virtual servers on any physical hardware device, ensuring faster recovery capabilities.

VMware for the SMB
To support and penetrate the SMB market, virtualization software leader, VMware, announced several packages designed to fit the market.

“The new VMware Infrastructure packaging delivers the features, functionality and training that enable SMBs to more rapidly experience the value of virtual infrastructure,” said Ben Matheson, director of SMB at VMware.

In my experience, virtualization is an established technology that is extremely reliable. Virtualization introduces high availability features, which allows IT administrators to move VMs from one physical server to another, with no downtime. It also provides cost-effective availability for any VM by restarting the VM on another physical server if required. This reduces the risk of downtime as a result of hardware failure.

Is your business maximizing its computing resources? What are your feelings on virtualization?

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