Broken ERP Implementations: Putting Business Back Together

Remediating a failed ERP implementation may be the answer to salvaging a broken, stalled or underperforming enterprise system. Each type of implementation failure and subsequent remediation project is approached with a different strategy. The goal is to economically get business operations and technology back in sync, quickly and effectively.

Broken implementations are ERP systems in production but, for whatever reason, don’t work well enough. An ERP system is implemented and running, but business processes seem to be worse than before. For example, processes take longer and/or the system doesn’t provide the intended information.ERP

Broken implementations can result from failure to:

  • Adapt business processes to those required by the ERP system
  • Capture all information within the system required to support the implemented processes
  • Test the system for malfunctions
  • Tune the system to appropriate performance levels, which are required by the users to effectively complete tasks

This type of implementation may not be the result of a single cause or exhibit a single problem. It’s for these reasons that remediation is often best structured as a phased or incremental process, addressing the more severe problems first and iterating through a succession of improvement steps.

Requirements & Commitments
It’s important to improve the value of the ERP implementationas quickly as possible. Remediation requires defining the experienced “pain” and outlining the desired results.

With this knowledge, value can be assigned to addressing each pain point to prioritize resulting benefits. This approach provides clear objectives, agreement on the process and measures for success.

Addressing broken implementations can be more difficult than an original implementation. Too often, failed implementations are caused by lack of project management and specific technical and functional expertise. The challenge for remediating broken implementations is staffing what are often smaller projects with the expert functional and technical skills required to investigate and then remediate problems.

Leverage project managementto deliver the required results on time and within budget. Consult with an experienced integration partner to:

  • Diagnose the problem
  • Define the necessary remediation steps
  • Assemble the appropriate functional and technical team

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