Interviewing Tips: What Questions NOT to Ask in an Interview (Video)

During an interview is the time to focus on how your skills match the requirements and whether the job is right for you. Steer clear of questions about things like vacation days and breaks, until after you have been offered the job.

2 thoughts on “Interviewing Tips: What Questions NOT to Ask in an Interview (Video)

  1. Terry, I feel your pain. As an energetic 62 year old who still loves to come to work every day, and who is really excited about social media and the web, I find it distressing that age can get in the way of someone with years of experience and high energy to continue to contribute in a big way to a company.

    It is what it is, however, and I know of many executives and managers who recognize the value of maturity and experience. I would caution you to look past the ill planned question of a young, inexperienced HR person, and see what the company has to offer. It is quite possible that you will find an environment that treasures experience. The HR person is treading on that legal line of age discrimination, but hey, he or she is young and needs to get some experience, good and bad, under the belt.


  2. “So you have a wealth of experience that seems to fit well with our firm. So tell me, when did you graduate?”

    If this question is asked, and it has been asked, I usually cut the interview short. Tell them that I have appreciated the time they have given me but feel their is not a match. I then walk out without any other contact.

    It is a question to judge a persons age bracket. To me, it is a killer. I will not work for a company that has a person from HR ask this question…period.

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