Don’t wait for the fire. Be proactive & take preventative steps!

In the world of Information Technology you’re either looking to the future or you’re getting left behind. Don’t get left behind.

Planning and preparation are keys to ensuring IT infrastructure operates efficiently and smoothly.



One of the most important things a Managed Services Provider (MSP) must do is offer preventative maintenance and proactive support. Think about it like this: Installing smoke detectors and a fire suppression system would be an example of this. Checking your home for fire hazards would be another. You wouldn’t want your house to catch on fire and then just wait for the fire department to put it out. So, why would you handle your IT systems like this?

Preventative maintenance and proactive support could be the difference between being protected or picking up the pieces and rebuilding from scratch. Listed below are some of the approaches that should be taken:

  • Disk cleanup (delete temp files, cache, defragment)
  • Windows patches & updates
  • Verify antivirus is updated
  • Check hardware logs
  • Review server logs
  • Check backups daily

If you’re not utilizing these techniques, don’t wait to smell the smoke. Contact 3coast today to learn how to avoid a catastrophe.

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