Do you have a business continuity plan?

A disaster can strike at any moment, rendering your business-critical data unrecoverable.  Things like natural disasters and/or disruptive network outages can devastatingly affect the continuity of your business operations.

Does you have a continuity plan for your business? If not, you’re opening yourself up to encounter a huge risk. Listed below are some services that 3coast can provide as part of a continuity plan for your business.

  1.  Colocation–  This primarily deals with the physical facilities related to your IT infrastructure. It is a hosting solution that places the server(s) in a secure, stable and 0729L_crashfireRST70premote location. This allows businesses to avoid the expense of constructing, expanding or maintaining the physical area where the data is housed. Essentially, you are leasing a space for your IT assets, but you still own all of the hardware.
  2. Managed Hosting– Managed hosting extends the benefits of colocation by eliminating the need for maintaining a physical facility as well as the requirement for continuing to own and maintain the IT infrastructure. The maintenance and acquisition of all network assets become the responsibility of the service provider and the customer is only tasked with sustaining their business applications.
  3. Backup to the Cloud Service– Backup to the cloud services enables customers to run their business with their entire server structure online. This eliminates the need to install, manage, update or upgrade servers in the future. Cloud services also ensure that your data is store securely to avoid catastrophic losses in the event of a disaster. This fully managed service is designed to decrease your bandwidth usage, save your business money from costly hardware, software and licensing fees and back up your data in an efficient, timely and secure manner.
Each one of these options should be available to you in your Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery plan. Remember, all it takes is one cataclysmic event and your data could be lost, crippling your business operations. Contact 3coast today to learn how we can tailor a plan for you and make sure you’re protected and ready to keep your business going in the event of a disaster.

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