An Efficient Partnership: The Professional Recruiter and the Human Resources Professional

In today’s business world, where overhead and costs must be controlled in order to remain competitive, Human Resources professionals find themselves constantly short on the resources required to fulfill the broad range of tasks in their job descriptions.

Benefits administration, employment processes, training, college campus recruiting, job analysis and classification, compensation support and analysis, company policies and procedures development, operational analysis, employee assistance and welfare, employee relations and labor relations, EEO and affirmative action policies and procedures are a few of the tasks incumbent in the Human Resources Professionals’ day.

Oh, did I forget one? Recruiting experienced talent to drive profits and performance of the company should be high on the list, but how does one prioritize when the list is long and the hours are short?

The pressures from within, to be an effective recruiter or recruiting organization, are crushing. Operational and strategic managers and officers  must have good, talented folks in order to satisfy   the needs of the business.

HR Pros must make a decision. “Do I concentrate on recruiting and let the other tasks fall where they may, or do I find a way to make my recruiting time efficient? I know how to go to Monster or Dice or Career Builder or LinkedIn or Facebook and find a lot of folks who might fill my needs! But is that the best use of my limited hours? What if I only had to consider the best three candidates from all of those sources? Would that free up more time to take care of the other important tasks in front of me?”

Choosing a Pro Contingent Fee Recruiter provides a partner who spends 100% of his time recruiting for you. That is his only job. He is one who provides those three truly qualified candidates, makes the recruiting process the most efficient that it can be. And I do mean a Pro. Recruiters who fill your inbox with resumes clipped from the job boards are not what the HR Pro needs. Embracing the recruiter as a partner will provide expert consultation on market conditions, salary requirements, and best hiring practices that will guarantee that the company hires the best candidate for the job. All of this for a fee that is not due until the talent is on board and happily working. What a deal! And what efficiency! The partnership cannot be beat.

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