3coast Offers Advanced Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

3coast, a Houston-based managed IT support and IT staffing firm, broadened its data backup and recovery offering to include a Local Backup and Recovery service, a Disaster Recovery service, and an Offsite File Archiving and Disaster Recovery service in addition to its Online Backup service. These advanced Backup and Disaster Recovery service packages are designed to provide businesses of varying sizes with the data protection necessary to keep them running in the instance of a disaster.

“Data is a business’s most important asset and should be treated as such with the proper backup processes and reliable restoration services,” said George Black, president and chief executive officer of 3coast. “As hurricane season approaches, now is the time to ensure the protection of invaluable data with these advanced Backup and Disaster Recovery services.”

Current statistics show that one in every ten hard drives fail each year. The cost of recovering a failed hard drive can exceed $7,500, and success is never guaranteed.

For a fixed, monthly fee, 3coast now provides four Backup and Disaster Recovery services for small businesses, those of the mid-sized scale, and large enterprises.  The offerings included in each service package are shown below.

File Backup and Restore File Archiving Server Continuity Server Restoration Data Recovery in the Event of Loss of Site Offsite File Archiving
Online Backup Service X
Local Backup and Recovery Service X X X X
Disaster Recovery Service X X X X X
Disaster Recovery Service Plus Offsite File Archiving X X X X X X

With these new advanced Backup and Disaster Recovery services, 3coast offers a complete solution that is designed to reduce any server downtime and allows near real-time backups as frequent as every 15 minutes. Data is encrypted so it is not accessible to anyone without the passkey. These services eliminate the cost and time of managing on-site tape backup and even offer offsite storage at an affordable cost.

“3coast’s Backup and Disaster Recovery service is a simple, safe and cost-effective way for companies to protect business from loss of vital information,” said Stephen Sweeney, chief operating officer of 3coast. “We are excited to offer our clients secure enterprise-class business continuity without the enterprise-class price.”