Why Scrum?

First of all, if you haven’t heard of SCRUM, it’s not soap residue.  It’s an agile process for developing software.  It’s totally different than the traditional waterfall development where all the business analysis is gathered up front, the prototypes are designed and the product is built to specifications that hopefully haven’t changed since the beginning of the project.

What makes SCRUM work for businesses?  To keep it simple, it cuts out the waste, speeds up development, testing and delivery.  It also improves the quality of the product with less rework needed because the client plays an integral role and is kept very close to the project.Scrum-1

So, if your company needs speed, quality and “getting the application right the first time”, you should definitely consider using SCRUM as your software development methodology.
Some of the biggest SCRUM benefits are that our projects are highly transparent to our clients. Our clients are intimately involved in the planning, work sessions and decisions for each iteration, offering assurance that we are delivering the highest value features first with rapid and frequent iterations that deliver working software that they can touch and see.Clients prioritize their feature sets (application functionality sets also called a Product Backlog) with each iteration /sprint, in such a way that the features or functionality delivered first are of highest value to them. This becomes input to the team to help ensure that high value features are developed first.Working software is delivered and demonstrated at the end of each iteration/sprint (usually every two weeks).  During this review, clients get to “see” and experience working software and get another opportunity to provide feedback to the team.   This allows ROI to be realized much more quickly than traditional application development methodologies and keeps the client and the company working as a team as the product is developed.One word of caution, many companies claim to useAgile /SCRUM methodologies but are in fact just using it as a marketing label.   If you’re interested in Agile SCRUM, and are selecting anapplication development company to work with, before you seal the deal, be sure that they are trained in the Agile SCRUM methodology and are using it in practice.Cheers!

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