Three Misconceptions About Business Continuity

Business continuity is the investment made by a business to be proactive in avoiding the risks associated with a disaster. Typically, this investment is an operating expense that serves as an insurance policy on an ongoing basis.

business continuity Disaster recovery is the plan associated with the reaction that follows a catastrophic event that disrupts the productivity of a business. This type of investment is more difficult to manage because it’s a “in the event of” plan that can easily fall through the cracks if not kept up with.

The two most important aspects of a DR plan involve sound, comprehensive planning and regular testing intervals that ensure the overall effectiveness of the plan. The most effective strategy is to give ample attention to both – mitigate risks as much as possible and have a solid plan to address the unforeseen.

Why is it so important to prepare for disaster now when Hurricane season is months away?

Given the geographic area that we live in, hurricanes stay top-of-mind when businesses think of a “disaster.” The truth of the matter is, several events occur each year within the walls of a business that could potentially serve as a disaster:

o Loss of mission critical data

o Power or hardware failures

o Disgruntled employees

o The list goes on…

The most important question to ask is whether or not your business can survive in the event of the unknown – and not knowing the answer to that question is just as dangerous.

Business continuity is too expensive for SMBs. What options do I have?

This is a common misperception among small to mid-sized businesses for a variety of reasons. The first is the lack of knowledge in terms of what options are available. The second is the possible impact on the business by failing to implement a proper plan.

Technology has evolved over the years to the point that what was once extremely expensive to purchase and manage is now far more simplified and cost-effective. In addition, several of the products and services associated with BC and DR have become commoditized, which drives down cost and creates a more affordable solution set for business owners.

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