To accept or not accept? When it comes to counter offers, that is the question.

Recently, an article ran in the Denver Business Journal urging readers to seriously contemplate the repercussions of accepting a counter offer from their current employer. Stephanie Klein, who penned the piece, writes that while some counter offers can be great, most are not. The allure of more money and flexibility may seem nice, but it should also raise some questions about your current employer. For instance, why weren’t these incentives offered before? Why did it take you threatening to leave them to get them?counter offer

One of the biggest issues that arises in this situation is that the trust is broken between you and your employer. Chris Scarcella, Business Development Manager for 3coast explains. “Once you turn in a notice, you have broken the trust and bond with the current employer. From that moment on, they will always remember that you wanted to leave. Employers like to let you go on their terms, not yours. Also, from an employee standpoint, if you have to turn in your notice to get paid what you should have in the first place or change what could have been changed previously, is that the best place for you to work?”

Scarcella’s sentiments echo exactly what the writer says in her article. Trust is extremely hard to regain after you play hardball. With that being said, there are some key points to consider when mulling over whether to accept a counteroffer or not. The pros would be more money, flexibility (whatever is important to you), not having to leave co-workers or work environment, etc. The cons would be that the trust between you and the employer is broken and that statistically those changes you fought for often turn out to be only temporary.

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