The ABC’s of Interviewing

So…you’ve decided you want a new job. You’ve picked the field you want to be in. You’ve searched high and low for that perfect job opening. Your resume has been chosen as one of the best by the hiring manager because you took the advice in the blog “How to Write a Strong Resume“. You can’t celebrate yet though! You still have to survive the interview.

With this advice from professional recruiters, acing the interview should be as easy as the ABC’s!

A – Anticipate key questions and have answers ready

B – Bring the information you will need to fill out an application (references, dates, Social Security Number, etc.)

C – Connect your past work experience to the present position you are interviewing for

D – Don’t criticize your previous employer; it will leave a bad impression


E – Eye contact with the interviewer shows confidence

F – Fill in all blanks on the application (except the salary blank)

G – Get there 15-20 minutes early; NEVER be late!

H – Handshake should be firm

I – Incorporate specific examples of your successes

J – Job responsibilities that you excelled at in your past experience should be discussed and related to the position you are interviewing for whenever possible

K – Know the directions to the building (drive a practice run if you must)

L – Legs should not be crossed; maintain open/receptive body language

M – Mail them a thank you letter afterwards. Make this letter short, professional, and to the point. Thank them for their time and that you look forward to the opportunity to become part of their organization

N – NEVER LIE! Answer all questions truthfully and frankly, but don’t “over answer” either

O – Opportunity is the focus…not money.  Be prepared to discuss the opportunity and how you can make a positive impact in the company.  Never focus on how much money you can make or ask about financial compensation during the interview

P – Professional attire is a must – even if you know the environment is casual, the interview is formal

Q – Quality of work and a strong understanding of the core skills you are interviewing for are quintessentially important.

R – Research the company and have questions prepared about it

S – Sit upright, look alert and interested at all times

T – Take a portfolio to take notes in (blue or black ink only) – refer back tothese during the question and answer portion of the interview.

U – Update your resume and have 3 references before you go on the interview

V – Vacation days should not be discussed but the value you bring to the company is a great focal point

W – Wear a watch; even if it is broken, it will give you the illusion of being organized and prompt

X –Xerox multiple copies of your resume in case you meet with more interviewers than you had expected

Y – Yes or no answers to questions are not good enough; providing a short explanation of your answers proves your knowledge and experience

Z – Zero in on what benefits you bring to the company

Now you know your ABC’s, next time you’ll interview with ease!

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