Don’t Get Caught Watching That Paint Dry!

In the basketball movie classic “Hoosiers”, down one point with one shot left to win the game, the Hickory team’s assistant coach tells them to run the picket-fence play.  As they are about to take the floor, he says, “Boys, don’t get caught watching that paint dry!paint

How many businesses have the best game plans that are well thought out, budgeted, best of breed yet fail due to just that notion?  Having a plan is merely the first step.  Execution is the key.  In these economic times, companies are looking all around at how they can do things better, faster, more efficient while looking at the bottom line ($$).

Hiring consulting firms to come in and do analysis of where you are and how to get where you want to go is very prevalent.  Amazingly, many organizations will spend much time and effort, using financial resources to pay for their game plan and then sit status quo.  Some will cry “foul” and blame the partner or firm that helped them put together said plan.  It is solely up to the individuals in the company to take what they invested in and implement and execute.

Technology is a driving force behind business everywhere you look.  Finding the right partner to enhance your organization’s presence in the marketplace is a valuable investment.  Having technology without a proper plan and a solid, measurable return on investment is in vain.  Utilize your technology partner to not only develop a plan but how best to utilize it and gain the most benefit from it.  Remember: “Don’t get caught watching that paint dry!”

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