IT Staffing

Since 1980, 3coast has been staffing top IT talent locally, nationally and internationally.

Finding and recruiting leading IT professionals with the right technical skills and personality fit can be a challenge. 3coast’s IT staffing services offers viable alternatives to scouring job boards and paying high prices for recruitment advertising.

3coast’s contract staffing, direct hire and contract-to-hire services help you find quality talent fast.

Our IT recruiting specialists can manage the full recruiting lifecycle from sourcing and screening to interviewing and background checks. Through technical matching analysis, we ensure candidates measure up to your requirements.

Contract Staffing

3coast’s contract staffing service is a smart way to increase staffing flexibility while reducing employment costs and employee administration. 3coast’s professional contractors prefer the challenge and diversity of contract employment. With contract staffing, 3coast handles the payroll and benefits administration so you can apply contractor wages to project budgets or operational expenses.

Direct Hire

3coast direct hire services save companies time, money and resources by providing talented IT candidates as quickly as needed. From sourcing and interviewing to selection and offer, we can manage the entire process so you have more time to focus on business. As your IT recruiting partner, 3coast finds the best candidates whether they are on the job market or not. Our extensive network allows us to sift through flooded candidate markets to find IT talent that is well versed in assorted technologies and fit within the culture of your company.


3coast offers contract-to-hire services for companies that prefer a try-before-you-buy approach. Leveraging our extensive network, we connect skilled contractors with the best companies to evaluate long-term positions. 3coast’s contract-to-hire services gives you the benefit of a trial period to guarantee a good match between the professional and your company.

Payroll Services

3coast funds and manages payroll for as many contractors as you need, for as long as you need them. Mitigate misclassification risks and reduce administrative costs associated with payrolling through 3coast Payroll Services.

3coast Payroll Services provides companies with the ability to consolidate contract service and temporary employees into a single vendor relationship.

The flexibility of our payroll services lets you add to your workforce without potential human resource issues, payroll tax and unemployment liabilities, workers’ compensation, W-2 forms or adding to your permanent headcount. 3coast Payroll Service provides flexibility for handling contact-to-hire staffing, post retirement retention and 1099 conversions.